Bodoni Specimen final comp

Bodoni Typeface Redo


After the first critique of my Bodoni type specimen, I changed the placement of most of the typeface. Instead of putting all five details on the top of the page, I put three of them on the top and two of them on the bottom to keep it more balanced. This successfully solved my problem. I also moved around the placement of the captions so that it would be located near the specific part of the letter I was talking about. I then put circles around the parts I mentioned, and placed a vertical dashed line to emphasize vertical stress the detail of my “O”. Finally, I moved around the order of the title, letters, and essay, as well as added in my sources cited because I don’t like plagiarizing. My project succeeds according to the assignment because I included all the key elements of the project. My type specimen displayed the title, all the letters in the roman weight, my essay, and a clear concept.